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Referrals – WDYKW?


Learn how to get referrals the BFG way

Business Focus Group (BFG) Members have been learning “how to get referrals” for over a decade. The management team have put together a tried and tested approach that is designed to help members to develop ideas and promises into high quality referrals and introductions.

We’ve included a brief summary below, if you’d like to find out more about this and the infamous “Magic Email” register your interest in attending a BFG meeting in the not too distant future and learn how to get more referrals the BFG way!

Mindset – Give v Get…

Most people initially visit/join BFG because they want to learn how to GET referrals, however, if everyone came to get referrals there wouldn’t be too many to share around – simple maths confirms that zero referrals shared between no matter how many members equals zero referrals each.

The secret to success here is to change the mindset, at BFG we teach our members to focus on how to GIVE more referrals and help each other to generate more business. It sounds simple (and it really is), by dedicating some BFG Time to helping someone else by connecting members to specific people in your contact network can have a significant impact – the more activity completed by the group as a whole, the better the chance that you will be on the receiving end in any particular week, make sense..?

7 Step Guide – Developing Ideas Into Quality Referrals

  1. TAKE NOTES – as your referral network grows, there’s a lot to take in and remember, buy a decent notebook and keep a record of the type of introductions people are looking for
  2. BFG TIME – referrals and introductions don’t happen by accident, you need to make them happen, set aside some referral time dedicated to generating opportunities for other members
  3. WDYKW – this stands for “Who Do You Know Who“so focus on connecting members with people who you KNOW or have met recently, it’s a lot easier and far more effective
  4. INTRO REQUEST – use the tried and tested Magic Email to request permission to introduce a BFG member to a specific individual in your contact network, visit BFG to find out more…
  5. DON’T SELL – you may wish to include a reason for your contact to accept the introduction request but by all means keep it simple and don’t try to sell on behalf of the BFG member
  6. MAKE THE CONNECTION – Once your contact gives you permission, set up the introduction via email remembering to copy everyone in – this helps to warm up the introduction
  7. PRINT OFF THE EMAIL – not only does it remind you to mention it at the meeting (which may trigger more referral ideas), but some emails go missing so it’s useful to have a back up copy

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