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Networking Events in Leigh – BFG Meeting Format

If you’re a local Business Owner looking for Networking Events in Leigh and don’t mind an early start on a Friday morning, you really should pay Business Focus Group (BFG) a visit.

BFG meetings are often described by members and visitors as “Friendly, Structured but Informal” – they are not your typical Networking Event, the focus at BFG is to really get to know and understand each other’s business so that we can help each other to generate more business via high quality referrals and introductions.

A Typical BFG Meeting

The format of a typical meeting at Business Focus Group usually looks like this…

Meet up at around 7:15am with tea and coffee available on arrival, this is the chance to network informally plus allow visitors to relax and meet the members. The meeting officially starts at 7:30am when visitors and new members are introduced to the group, we then kick off with a round of introductions (30 Second Commercials) and the opportunity to share some “Good News” with the rest of the group – we always like to start and end on a positive note.

Once the introductions have been completed, BFG Members provide feedback on any “BFG Time” completed during the previous week, confirm details of any successful referrals and introductions plus provide constructive feedback on any referrals received.

At the half way point of the meeting, we break things up a bit with either a Business Spotlight (Member Presentation, Guest Speaker), Focus on Education (Training) or a Group Discussion – this usually takes around 20-30 minutes depending on the activity.

We then move on the the “Who Do You Know Who?” section of the meeting, here we are interested to understand what type of referrals and introductions everyone is looking for. Notes are taken and we go around the table again to what ideas the WDYKW requests have triggered – the idea is then to follow up on these promises and ideas during your BFG Time before the next meeting.

Before the meeting finishes (usually by 9:00am), visitors are asked “what they enjoyed most about the meeting” – after the meeting, we all enjoy a light breakfast where networking continues and some people take the opportunity to have a 1-2-1 meeting.

Synergy Circles- Problem Solving

In some instances (where a member requires some help, for example), we do something a little different. Usually this takes the form of a Problem Solving Session or “Synergy Circle”.

This is a highly structured session where each member brings a problem to the table and the group determines which problem they would like to focus on. These have often proved to be very powerful and provides the opportunity for attendees to use their knowledge and expertise to really help others around the table. We typically find that by focusing on one particular problem it is not only the person in the ‘hot seat’ that benefits from the session.

If you like the sound of BFG Networking Events, fill out the form below and pay us a visit…

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